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We have lending available to pay your divorce coaching fees in full if you should need it. All you need to do is fill in an application form and approval will be made within one business day. You can spread your payments over a period of up to 12 months. There is a small interest rate of 1.85% per monthly instalment (or 22.30% per annum) and an application fee of $95.

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About Bridgette Jackson

Bridgette Jackson is the Founder of Equal Exes. She is an experienced entrepreneur, with many years in the public eye within the women’s health space. Bridgette is a Divorce & Settlement Expert, a CDC certified Divorce/Separation Coach, a qualified lawyer and has a post graduate dispute resolution qualification. She is also a certified mediator and a mother of four.

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Divorce Coach

A Divorce Coach will help you move forward. They will help you take the high road, and make the best possible
decisions for YOUR future based on your wants, needs and concerns. The team specializes in ensuring clients, like yourself, get the positive result you deserve when it comes to settling your relationship property settlements. When times are tough you need someone to hold your hand and guide you in a positive direction so you can move forward and have a new beginning.

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How does Equal Exes works?

Equal Exes provides face to face/Zoom divorce/separation and online guidance and resources for people facing separation and divorce.  Our guidance will help you think through your personal situation and clarify the options and choices you have. Our online platform is partly-free and partly-paid service.  Our blog articles are free; the weekly email links to a new article each week. Our paid services are the workbooks and webinar masterclasses.

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