Equal Exes only works with the best Professional Experts to support you going through a separation or divorce.

Discovery Session 60-minute

Discovery Session 60-minute

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1 x 60-minute Discovery Session $350

During this session, we will clarify all of your concerns and which of those concerns are the most important and/or urgent to you. We will talk you through the coaching options/packages and the successes that we have had as settlement experts and divorce coaches for past clients.

At Equal Exes, we want to ensure that you are reaching your goals, getting valuable and tangible outcomes, particularly financial, and enable you to move forward positively in your life after you undertake to coach with us. In return to ensure that your coaching is successful, we would appreciate your one-month, three-month, or six-month commitment to work through your current situation.

Once you have had a discovery session with us you will be given the option to sign up for one of our packages. There is no obligation to continue from this point. Sometimes we may decide that there are better options for you, than through Equal Exes, and we will discuss alternatives with you if this is the case. We work with all professionals involved in the divorce/separation process from lawyers, financial experts through to counseling, litigation funding, and more.

A Divorce Coach/Settlement Expert will help you move forward, take the high road, and make the best possible decisions for YOUR future based on your wants, needs, and concerns. The team specializes in ensuring clients, like yourself, get the positive result you deserve when it comes to settling your relationship property settlements. When times are tough you need someone to hold your hand and guide you in a positive direction so you can move forward and have a new beginning.


We make the difficulty easy for you by proactively managing your case. The outcomes we get for you include:

  • We know the stressors – financial, legal, and emotional – we have walked in your shoes.

  • We want your scenario to be sorted out in a timely fashion – avoid the common mistakes and roadblocks.

  • Assist you to get an enhanced financial outcome as it relates to your relationship property settlement agreement.

  • Ensure you are co-parenting in an effective way so you are focused on the best interests of your children.

  • Cost-effective - ensuring your case is managed tightly and your divorce team is held accountable. We want to help you to avoid unnecessarily racking up thousands of dollars during this process.

  • Improved wellbeing – emotionally and physically you will feel better and less stressed as your Divorce Expert will efficiently help you keep your emotions in check as you go through the process.

  • We make the complex less complex – a “one-stop-shop” of expert advisors to call on.

  • Equal Exes have a successful track record in holding clients' hands as a sounding board/thinking partner.

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