Equal Exes only works with the best Professional Experts to support you going through a separation or divorce.

Successful Settlement

Successful Settlement

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This package is ideally suited to couples, or to people who want to ‘divorce well’. You want an amicable, mediated, fast settlement for the lowest possible cost. This service replaces the need for both parties to extensively engage lawyers and will significantly reduce your cost of separating.

The highlight of this package includes 8 hours paid external Expert guidance to ensure you save money during the process. 

Note that lawyers will need to be engaged to sign off independently on your Separation Agreement.

You will get:

  • 20 hours of strategy coaching.

  • 8 hours of external expert guidance such as a lawyer, accountant, psychologist, or other professionals of your choice.

  • A coach can informally mediate your custody and/or relationship property mediations (allow for at least 12 hours of your package hours to be used for mediations).

  • A coach can attend professional meetings with you as part of this package.

  • Access to Equal Exes’ ‘Separation Readiness Quiz’ and Expert Webinar.

  • Access to coaching workbooks that will give you the positive sustainable outcomes you need including self-reflection exercises and readings.

  • Access to Equal Exes’ portal where you can easily manage all of the paperwork that comes with your divorce including affidavits and valuations.

  • Provide you with a roadmap of your journey and a plan going forward to ensure you get the outcomes you need to move on.

  • Referrals to appropriate wraparound services including legal, financial, wellness, and family specialists.

  • The Coach will closely manage your case - phone, email, and text support.

Funding is available.